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Improves efficient movement – better sporting performance

By supporting the spine in a balanced upright position, muscle tension is reduced and joint load is centralized.  There is no build-up of muscle tightness or joint stiffness so movement remains free and energy efficient – sporting performance is improved.

Improves breathing and digestion

The ephgrave chair prevents the collapse of the spine and ribcage that occurs in poorly supported sitting. The abdomen is not compressed and breathing and digestion are improved.

Improves posture and flexibility

There is no adaptive shortening or lengthening of the muscles as the resting position of each joint is aligned, and the full range of movement is preserved.

For those who have developed back issues through previous poor sitting habits, the chair can help to reverse any joint immobility by providing gentle extension pressure to the stiffest joint via the back cushion.  As the spine is balanced, muscle strain/tension is reduced.  Any muscle imbalances that have developed can therefore be slowly improved, so freeing the body to move with more efficiency and less pain.

Eliminates muscle tension and fatigue

As the body is supported in line with gravity, the muscles do not have to work hard to hold the ribcage and head upright;  the joints are balanced with the load centralized . There is therefore no build up of tension or fatigue.

Reduces joint pain and stiffness

With the keystone vertebra supported, the spine is aligned with gravity and body weight is centralized. No joint is overloaded in a poor position and there is therefore no pain or stiffness.